Unispital Balgrist, Switzerland

Tentative title: TBA

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany

Tentative title: Phantom-based performance assessment in fNIRS and tissue oximetry of the brain – achievements and challenges

University of Halle, Germany

Tentative title: Impact of an acidic pH on the metastatic potential of tumors: Not only hypoxia counts

University of Tokyo, Japan

Tentative title: Nonlinear dynamics model for spontaneous brain activity, metabolism, and blood flow

University of Tennessee, USA

Tentative title: Role of Ketosis on hypoxia inducible factors of the brain

University of New Mexico, USA

Tentative title: Low blood flow and microvascular shunts: a final common pathway in cerebrovascular disease

Universidad del Rosario, Colombia

Tentative title: Signal processing techniques for the monitoring of brain maturation in premature infants

University of L'Aquila, Italy

Tentative title: New Frontiers and Developing Applications in Muscle NIRS

University of Bern, Switzerland

Tentative title: How to quantitatively determine and to assess the reliability of blood oxygen saturation using optoacoustic imaging


Tentative title: Monitoring metabolism in-vivo with broadband near-infrared spectroscopy: from brain injury to marathon runners